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Chotune Paint Pen|Customized Logo Paint Pen|OEM|ODM

Chotune Paint Pen|Customized Logo Paint Pen|OEM|ODM

Aug 6,2023
Chotune Paint Pen

[Fiber Tip] The use of high-quality fiber materials, ink more uniform penetration, more smooth writing, at the same time, more wear-resistant, long-term use without replacement.

[Waterproof] Imported ink, in the normal temperature environment, can achieve the effect of quick drying, and is not easy to be stained by water, ink quality has been strictly tested for many times, to better ensure product quality. Authoritative certification, in line with national standards, can be used with confidence. Multiple color inks to meet a wider range of use, black and white can show color

[Oilproof] High density and high quality ink, oil resistance, bright color, strong color coverage, long time not easy to fade, can maintain a good writing effect in a variety of complex environments

[Suitable for various of writing surface] Suitable for a variety of writing surfaces and a variety of environments: car paint, auto repair, steel factory, wood factory, are a good helper for marking. In metal, wood, glass, plastic and other complex surface can show smooth and bright effect

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