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Chotune Long Nib Marker|Customized Logo Marker|OEM|ODM

Chotune Long Nib Marker|Customized Logo Marker|OEM|ODM

Jul 30,2023
                                                                                                    Chotune Long Nib Marker

[Mark Deeply] 20mm long nib design : suitable for marking deep holes, or hard-to-reach places.1.5 mm fine tip,high hardness and not easy to break.

[Oil Based Ink] Strong adhesion, waterproof and high-drying ink. Fiber tip help to writing smoothly and not easy to not contain. xylene.

[Design] The 6 cm scale on the pen barrel can be easily measured.The pen cap designed,portable for easy construction. The end of barrel  help to recognize the color easily.

[Color] 3 color to choose:blue,black and red.different color represent for different usage,make you easy to recognise it.

[Usage]  Widly used,suitable for a variety of materials-wooden board,rubber tyre,metal and plastic.

Ningbo Chuanshikong Stationery Co., a high-quality stationery manufacturer with our own intellectual property rights in the market of domestic and all over the world. 

We have had rich experience in the production and marketing of stationery, with the factory of more than 14,000 square meters, more than 100 employees, 6 core patents. 

The company mainly manufacture Marker Pen, Highlighter Pen, Watercolor Pens,Fineliner Pen, Gel Pen,Art Materials and other daily stationery. 

The company's mission is to continuously develop and create new stationery products that are more practical, more excellent, and more suitable for consumers with our technological innovation, excellent quality and professional service advantages.

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