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Our Service

Professional design team, we can design the packaging that combines market hotspots and brand characteristics

Complete range of colors, has an independent ink mixing room, will provide exclusive services and unique colors

Each set of marker pens has an exclusive matching ink to prevent the color difference and the incompatibility

We have a professional team in sales , design, R&D, etc.,We will create the closest and best service for you

Supplement Ink for each color,Increase service life

We have a variety of molds and machines, which can support mold opening and custom proofing, and meet the proofing needs of our partners

Goods delivery within 48 hours.

Dedicated customer service staff to ensure 24/7 reception and answer questions

Chotune will retain a larger profit margin for distributors or wholesalers to ensure the interests

Unify the online pricing model and formulate a reasonable price system

Why US

We are the most professional manufacturer and supplier of stationery products in China, our ability to meet customer needs while maintaining high competitiveness.

Our products have been sold by thousands to more than 70 countries and regions, and we look forward to cooperating with you.


Supply Chain

We establish a professional and perfect supply chain, cost can be controlled.

Quality Management

Each process has a quality inspection link,and we provide guaranteed after-sales service.

Excellent Service

We will provide you with an exclusive one-to-one service and promptly resolve any shipping or quality issues.

How to cooperate

Send us an inquiry for the desired products and quantity.

Professional product consultants will contact you, recommend the most suitable products for you, get the most competitive prices,and provide the most economical and stable logistics solutions.

You pay for the product plus shipping and we will ship all the products.

Warehousing & Logistics

Timely Response And On-time Delivery To Maximize Your Needs

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


Chotune Love To Create And Build. There Is Always Something New And Exciting Happening Here. We Have Worked With Clients On Many Interesting Projects.