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Production Development Center

Manufactured in Ningbo, China, the factory specializes in marking and coloring supplies such as raw markers/watercolour pens/acrylic pens/metal pens/stylus pens/highlighters/contour pens/highlight pens/whiteboard pens/markers. Every item in our product line has been carefully designed. We work with trusted partners around the world to ensure every product is manufactured to the highest standards.
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2010 years
Occupy Land
140,000 square meters
Spot Goods
Styles 500+
Daily Output
1.5 million
Production Line


Chotune Do The Work In-house With State-of-the-art Manufacturing And Testing Equipment.

Plastic Injection Machine

This machine use the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic to form the pen body and cap

UV Print Machine

This machine is to dry or solidifyink by using a UV lamp so that can be performed immediately without waiting for drying

Pen Cap Assembly Machine

This machine is a pen cap assembly machine to assemble the cap of marker pens with high stability and durability

Automatic Assembly Machine

This machine is a complete assembly machine to assemble the marker pens with high stability and durability

Certificate Report

Adopt Internationally Recognized Inspection, Verification, Testing And Certification Bodies.


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