Chotune provide complete writing pen supply chain solutions for all of our OEM, Wholesale and Distributor customers.


From Concept Development, To Production, To Processes,We Will Get Your Job Done With Precision And Quality.
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Perfect Product System

Chotune is a production-oriented enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales.Full series of product series for different scene and people.
1.Our brand “Chotune”

2.We are sincerely looking for global distributors who are willing to distribute Chotune brand to cooperate together.

If you are interested, please contact the email:

Different scene

Painting:Marker pen, Watercolor pen, Sketch pen.More

Writing:Fineliner pen, Gel pen, Calligraphy penMore
Designing:Sketch penMore
Highlighting: Highlighter, Outline penMore
DIY:Acrylic marker, Chalk marker, Chrome marker, Ceramic marker.More

Different people

Children/Students:Marker pen,Watercolor pen, HighlighterMore

Designer/Artist:high end marker penMore

Provide services throughout the life cycle of the product

Provide full-process 24/7-hour service

Customize Your Own Products

Common idea + R & D technology = your exclusive product

The R&D team can help you develop your own products together. Exclusive products customized for customers enhance the market competitiveness of customers.

Market Protection

Support and protect clients who share a common philosophy. For the same market, provide customers with an effective market protection mechanism to avoid vicious competition.

Service Support


1. Provide customers with hot-selling product inventory to ensure fast delivery.

2. Develop exclusive products for customers.

After sales:

1. Installation, use and after-sales video without LOGO

2. Detailed description.

You can contact us at any time if you encounter any after-sales problems when purchasing products.


Chotune Love To Create And Build. There Is Always Something New And Exciting Happening Here. We Have Worked With Clients On Many Interesting Projects.